We can use your help. So what can you do?

Please first study SSP's key points, ask questions about any unclear points and then write your Congressman requesting their support for the Sunsat Act, as shown in the letters already sent below. Send an email to your friends and family asking them to send a letter to their Congress men and women, pointing them to SSP websites and articles such as this at  www.spacejournal.org (Issue No.16: Solar Power Satellite).

Congress listens to those who communicate with them. Most Americans have never written to their Congress person. Sample letters appear below. Keep the letter or email simple, courteous and to the point. We will place others there. We also encourage you to connect with us and other interested volunteers at the Space Solar Power Workshop through (email: SunsatMinutemen@googlegroups.com) or visit: http://groups.google.com/group/SunsatMinutemen - Please send us a copy of yours.

Sunsat Corp will be a public/private super-utility created by Congress to build power satellites - just as Comsat and Intelsat were chartered to build communications satellites. Our economy is tightly linked to low cost energy. Failing to address our growing global energy, economic and environmental threats is increasingly costly, as it will take decades to do the work of building an SSP system.

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kCurrent 2010 letters to Congress

Please  write  your  Congressman to charter SunSat Corporation! (click here to find your Congressman.)

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We need clean baseload Space Solar Power!


Letter to Congressman Henry Brown(SC-1)

Letter to Congressman Gus Bilirakis (FL-9)

Letter to Congressman Davis Scott (GA-13)


Jan 2008 Letter from SSPW  requesting  Congress charter a Space Power Corporation

The Next Chapter ...  Space Solar Power must prepare to play an important role in space development and our economy. What is that role?
A space power company should be fully focused on delivering clean baseload power to its customers on Earth, without financial entanglement in ventures outside its charter. ...
That being true, for example,
  • 1. the largest user of oil and oil products is transportation. That means that the bulk of ground transportation will have to be converted to various forms of electric power - hybrid, battery, including super capacitors, and electric rail. This has begun and is a major driver for the "Smart Grid", which will enable the efficient distribution and charging of plug-in hybrid and electric cars, such as the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf, from the existing grid.  The power for the existing grid is now capable of providing that energy IF the Smart Grid enables these cars to be charged sequentially (on a schedule) at night. It will be extremely important not to impede or complexify this intelligent energy transition by burdening it with too many additional bells and whistles in the first generation, while allowing for low cost organic growth and modification needed later. Utilities making these changes will press beyond their scheduled replacement of their typical residential distribution transformers, for example, and should qualify for assistance (which creates new jobs, by the way).
  • 2. products mined and manufactured from lunar regolith may one day be commercially competitive with Earth-sourced hardware. A Lunar Development Authority, for example, an organization of cooperative lunar developers, may speed development of the Moon's resources. How should Sunsat Corp. cooperate with - while not being harmed by these and other valuable space development agencies and corporations. We will publish essays here, at  (email: SunsatMinutemen@googlegroups.com  or visit: http://groups.google.com/group/SunsatMinutemen.)  and elsewhere on these perspectives. (Video Debate Below)
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